Meet The Solis Founders

Solis is a fun, quirky little store that started in May 2016 by Nick, the original founder. In early 2017 we welcomed Ben to the board. Here is a bit about them: 

Growing up in North London, Ben runs his own little business with a focus on Digital Advertising and Affiliate Marketing. Naturally, these are key elements of running an online store. Ben has a passion for fashion and is never far from his shades. 

Beginning life in leafy Surrey, Nick always wanted to run his own shop. Currently very active amongst many retailers as a Digital Marketing Consultant, it is understood that it was just a matter of finding the right product to put on his own store. Following a late night browse of suppliers around the globe, Nick found his idea for Solis and ordered his first round of stock. The criteria was to sell something he would buy, giving him a full understanding of what people in his demographic want. 

solis bamboo sunglassesSolis 
We set out in May 2016 and launched the store later in September that year. Over winter, not the most likely time to sell sunglasses, we sold a few pairs a week. Activity and new customers ramped up through 2017 with the help of Ben and some of the other team members.

We are now striving towards new products, new options and funky new accessories. Every day is different and the world of online fashion is only beginner. 

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