“Go Green!” “Save The Planet!” “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” It’s been almost 50 years since Earth Day first took place on 22nd April 1970, setting in motion the call to ‘green living’ that we’re all so familiar with today (source: recycle nation). We all know that the transition to eco-friendly is far from simple, but there are some hard-hitting stats out there which continue to shock...

Only 8% of the world’s forest is currently protected from destruction. 
(Source: Independent)

It’s a bleak reality that’s pretty hard to ignore. To make matters worse, by 2050 the global population is estimated to exceed 9 billion which can only mean increased pressure on the world’s ever-dwindling supply of natural resources. In fact, annual harvesting of wood is predicted to triple in an effort to meet the heightened level of demand for timber, paper and bioenergy. (source: WWF Panda)

So here’s the challenge: what environmentally conscious choices can you and I make to help protect our planet’s forests? What materials are available to help us ‘go green’ and make a positive impact? This article will explore some of the extraordinary properties of bamboo and explain why it really is a sustainable resource.


Wood is a natural, renewable material which grows at an incredible rate. Did you know that European forests increase by a size the equivalent of three football pitches every hour? (source: BWF)

Although endangered woods should obviously be avoided, there are plenty of sustainable options out there. Here are our Top 3:

  1. BAMBOO - fast growing, super strong, renewable
  2. PINE - fast growing, strong, flexible
  3. OAK - super strong, durable, aesthetically interesting


There’s certainly no shortage of reasons as to why bamboo claims the number one spot on the list. Its unique properties make it one of the world’s preferred sustainable resources:

  • As the fastest growing plant on the planet, bamboo can grow up to 1ft in only 24 hours! Although size varies depending on species, the largest can reach 1,300 ft in height.
  • Bamboo is renewable; when harvested, it will continue to grow new shoots from its incredible root system.
  • With a higher level of CO2 absorption and releasing more oxygen than any other plants, bamboo reduces greenhouse gases.
  • Bamboo has a stronger structure than steel despite being super light and flexible!


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