• New Products - Coming Soon!

    It's been a fun road so far here at Solis. We've been delighted to welcome new customers on board, read reviews and the has now come to introduce something new!  Men's  We wouldn't be a men's sunglasses brand without fresh new looks in our store. We've got 3 new models coming which are fully bamb... View Post
  • Meet The Solis Founders

    Solis is a fun, quirky little store that started in May 2016 by Nick, the original founder. In early 2017 we welcomed Ben to the board. Here is a bit about them:  Ben Growing up in North London, Ben runs his own little business with a focus on Digital Advertising and Affiliate Marketing. Naturall... View Post
  • “Go Green!” “Save The Planet!” “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” It’s been almost 50 years since Earth Day first took place on 22nd April 1970, setting in motion the call to ‘green living’ that we’re all so familiar with today (source: recycle nation). We all know that the transition to eco-friendly is f... View Post